Hi, my name is Lisanne Jager



and i'm a lifestyle photographer based in Kampen, the Netherlands. From childhood I have a passion for photography. First of all, I always found it awesome to be in front of the camera, but this soon changed when I bought my first camera. I find it very interesting and fun to get different people in front of my camera and to go on an inspiring journey together.




"For me, photography means that I can capture different emotions in one image.

 It is a way to express my creativity and to capture great moments together with different people".


My photography style can be described as the outdoor kind. I love to explore some beautiful places and to capture someone's story within this place.


If you take a look at my instagram account you'll find a selection of pictures which shows my personal style best.


Feel free to take a look on this website and my instagram account. If you want to collaborate, do not hesitate and contact me!


Hope to meet you soon.