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LISANNE // 18-11-2017

Published at December 8, 2017 at 5:19 PM

On the 18th November I had the honour to shoot with the beautiful and inspiring Lisanne.
Lisanne and I know each other from work. Soon we started to follow each other on instagram and through this way Lisanne asked me to do a shoot together.

Lisanne is 21 years old and lives in Hasselt, the Netherlands. Lisanne has an amazing old fashioned blue VW van. She travels a lot with it together with her boyfriend Remco. During the shoot I asked Lisanne how she and her boyfriend came up with the idea to buy a vw van and travel together.


"I had dreamed of a vw van for years. The feeling of freedom, beautiful views when you wake up and can always go anywhere .. This seemed great to me! In February 2017, my boyfriend and I bought our own blue vw van and together we have transformed it into our small travel house. We make different road trips and so far we have been in Austria and Germany. This summer we are planning a trip to Norway!"


Our shoot was also about being outside and feeling free. In this shoot we mainly experimented with making different portraits. I made some portraits of Lisanne as a person, and also of Lisanne as an adventurer. Lisanne wanted to use these photos to convey the ultimate feeling of camping to the people who follow her on her instagram account.


"All of these adventures, the beautiful things that surround us, the freedom, in short the ultimate feeling of traveling in our little travelhome, we wanted to share with the people around us."


In my point of view Lisanne is a woman who loves to be outside and to go out with her boyfriend and their beautiful VW van. She has shown me what freedom does to a person and how wonderful te feeling of freedom really is. Everyone is always so busy with work, doing a great job, take care of our family and the house, keeping up with our social lives etc. Lisanne has shown me that you have to put all these tasks aside and just go outside. Breathe in the fresh air and feel free!


Thankyou for this fun, but especially inspiring shoot!































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8 months ago

Awesome images Lisanne. Totally in love with the autumn vibes. Colors and focussing during the golden hour definitely on point!
Highly rating the kind of portrait shots of her and the VW van in the back (especially the last one). Tried sunset/sunrise myself a few times. It is complicated but this is very well done!
Added your page to my bookmarks and i am looking forward for more to come!