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TANJA // 4-12-2017

Published at December 16, 2017 at 12:22 PM

I had a lovely day on the 4th December. I went to the hometown of Tanja; Amersfoort in the Netherlands to do a shoot together! We had so much fun while shooting. A great day!

Tanja and I met on instagram. I followed Tanja for a while and I just loved her pictures. Tanja is a girl who loves to be outside and loves exploring new places. She takes her followers to a journey with her pictures on her instagram account.

"I call myself a great outdoors kinda girl. I love spending my time in the forest, at the lake or in the mountains. Sadly, we don't have any mountains in the Netherlands.. For my job i get to travel daily, because i work as a train conductor for the Dutch railways. Though i work to live and not the other way around. I am really happy i get paid to travel our beautiful country!"

Getting back on how Tanja and I met each other on instagram, Tanja tells:

"I asked if anyone would like to model for me and Lisanne send me a message. We hit it of instantly and we've met a few times now and talk a lot! It started as me shooting her bu since she bought a new camera i get to model for her! Haha! Lisanne is one of the sweetest girls I've met this year and shooting with her is always a lot of fun."

During our shoot we walked through the beautiful forest of Baarn. This is a place near Amersfoort in the Netherlands. Tanja knows this forest completely by heart. I see how she enjoys being outdoors and this inspires me enormously. Tanja says that she would prefer to walk through the woods every day, because this gives her the feeling of freedom, happiness and it teaches you to enjoy the smallest things in life. This is also what Tanja taught me this day; learn to enjoy the smallest things in life.


Thankyou for this amazing day, being my friend, teaching me new things about life and photography, for having so much fun together and for this beautiful portraits of you dear Tanja!





























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