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LAUREN // 10-01-2018

Published at January 15, 2018 at 1:10 PM

On the 10th of January, I had a very fun and lovely shoot with Lauren. Lauren and I decided to do a shoot indoors and a shoot outdoors!

6 years ago, Lauren and I met through Highschool. We actually never spoke to each other, but we said 'Hi' now and then. The very funny thing is that Lauren became the girlfriend of my neighbour. How small is this world right?!

"I just love social media, especially Instagram. A photo can really show who you are as a person, with all your expressions. It is al captured in one single moment and that is what I really like about photographs."


Lauren came to my house to do a little catching up with each other. We were talking and talking and the time passes by. It was so much fun talking with this sweet girl! So we talked about one hour and then we started with the photoshoot. We made some photos at my house and when we were finished we went to the forest in Hattem, the Netherlands.

"This day was so much fun! We started with a cup of tea at Lisanne's home and then we started to shoot. I felt immediately at ease and the atmosphere was so relaxed and cosy! The photos have become really beautiful and I am very happy and proud of the end result!"


I wanted to try something different for this photoshoot; so we used smoke bars! At first it was a little bit scary to do this, but after one try we were getting comfortable with it. It was so much fun to do and the photos are awesome.

For me, Lauren is really an inspiring women. She went through a lot in her life. Lauren told me that she was diagnosed with autism when she was a kid. It isn't always easy to fit in this world when you're having autism. Lauren was really open about this and I am really grateful that she shared this chapter of her life with me. She showed me that life isn't always about fitting in and being happy. It is also about getting to know yourself and show yourself to other people just the way you are. Finding your own way through life.


Dear Lauren, Thankyou so much for this amazing day. I am so glad that I got to know you! Thankyou for sharing your story with me and for this fun and breathtaking shoot!








































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