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JOSIEN // 7-2-2018

Published at February 8, 2018 at 1:45 PM

On the 7th of February, I had the most impulsive and fun shoot with my collegue Josien. These portraits were shot in an hour and it was definitely so much fun with this lady!

"Lisanne and I are collegues. I follow Lisanne on her Instagram and she posted that she was looking for someone to shoot with the next day. So I responded, at first as a joke, but Lisanne was pretty serious about doing this shoot. Normally i don't like to stand in front of a camera, but i gave it a try."


As Josien said; I was looking for someone to shoot with the next day and I was very surprised that she responded. She told me that it was a joke, but I convinced her to do it anyway. We started at my home with a lunch and a nice chat and after that we get outside.

So we finally found a nice spot and I started photographing Josien. And then the most unexpected thing happend.. My card was full! We laughed so hard about this and walked back to my house. I removed everything from the card and for the second time we got outside.

For me this shoot was something else. Normally i prepared myself for a shoot. I make a board on Pinterest for some photography ideas for the photoshoot. This shoot was really impulsive and we had both no idea what to do. So we walked a little bit around in my hometown in the sunlight. Josien spotted a really beautiful place to photograph and we started. Once started we couldn't stop and it was really so much fun!


"Honestly I was a bit nervous for this shoot, because I really don't like standing in front of a camera. Lisanne helped me very well by saying what I had to do to make the picture beautiful. This I found so very nice and because of this I became relaxed and the atmosphere was very good. I think the photos have become beautiful. Thank you very much dear Lisanne!"


Josien is really a fun woman to shoot with. She is very kind, has a beautiful face and makes a joke out of everything. That is what i really like about her! When you shoot with this woman, she makes sure you get a smile on your face. This is also what inspires me about Josien. She is always happy and in the mood for some fun. We all need a person like this in our lives.


Josien, thankyou so much for your kindness, happiness and impulsiveness this day. You are a beauty on the inside and outside!
























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