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RACHEL // 20-4-2018

Published at April 25, 2018 at 3:48 PM


Rachel and I went on the 20th of April to Heerderstrand, the Netherlands.
It was an amazing day with such lovely and warm weather. It was feeling like summer was arrived in the Netherlands! The plan was to go shooting in the city of Kampen, but this plan quickly changed.


"About two weeks before the shoot I got a message from Lisanne if I would like to shoot together. I immediately became enthusiastic, her work is particularly beautiful for a "novice" photographer! Lisanne told me that she has not been busy with photography for very long. So there is clearly a talent for photography and passion from her heart to be able to provide such fantastic images!"

I know Rachel from high school. I have been following her for a while at Instragram and saw that she has often been a model for several projects. Rachel is really a natural beauty and super nice to work with. I first had the plan to photograph together in the city center of Kampen, but because the weather was nice, I had the plans changed. The idea was to pick up the golden hour and start playing more with the sunlight.

"If the feeling is right between the photographer and myself, almost everything goes automatically. The collaboration between me and Lisanne was very nice. We have the same personality and interests and the way of shooting fits perfectly with who I am. I am very happy and proud of the result and can not wait for our second collaboration!"


Rachel, thank you so much for this wonderful way of working together and incredibly cool portraits. Thank you for daring to pose your vulnerability to me and I look forward to our next collaboration!




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