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DEMY // 24-4-2018

Published at May 10, 2018 at 9:13 PM


On the 24th of April I had an amazing shooting day with the lovely Demy.
We went to the "oude Hortus" in Utrecht; It's a botanical garden.
Really an amazing place to shoot!


After the "oude Hortus" we did a little shoot in the streets of Utrecht.
Demy changed her outfit and we created really some cool photographs!


I am that kind of girl who loves to watch modeling programs. It gives me inspiration to do several shoots. This time I watched 'Curvy super model'. Finally a program with 'curvy' beautiful women. YES! 
Demy was from the beginning my favorite. She has that amazing curly hair and beautiful eyes. That is what I really love about her! Not to mention her great personality. This girl is just amazing. During episode 2 Demy was out of the competition. So I reached out to her through Instagram and asked her if she wanted to collaborate with me.


"When Lisanne asked me to do a shoot together, I checked her Instagram. I really liked what I saw, such amazing pictures! After visiting her Instagram I went to her website and the pictures I saw were awesome. So we planned a shoot. 
The shoot was super fun to do. There was immediately a click between us. We were super creative together to find the best backgrounds and of course the best light. I think Lisanne has a nice way of working, because she communicates well with you as a model and lets you know when something is beautiful. I also received the photos fairly quickly and they were beautiful, exactly as expected after this very nice collaboration!" 



Dear Demy, thank you very much for this pleasant and inspiring day. You are a beautiful person.
I really enjoyed getting to know you and hearing the adventurous stories of 'curvy super model'.
I am sure you will go far as a model and hopefully I will soon see you in a new collaboration!



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