Published at July 7, 2018 at 12:41 PM

Lisanne and I met through our work. I've written another blog about her and her awesome van. This time we thought that it would be cool to do a sister shoot with the van. So I asked Christel to do a shoot with her sister Lisanne. It was so much fun to work with these two beautiful and very kind ladies!



The beginning of this shoot started not so great. I was on my way to the 'staphorsterbos', which is a
beautiful place to shoot. So I drove with my car with google maps on my phone. 
But I no longer had internet on my phone, so I had to drive well at once.
And of course that went wrong! After some detours I finally arrived
at Lisanne and Christel. We were completely double laugh at once,
because it was really a funny action.


Then we started with the shoot.
We did a bit of everything, namely the sisters together with the van,
portraits only on the van, shadow portraits, spontaneous portraits etc. The
latter was not difficult, because these girls are so spontaneous of themselves
that every picture is so pure !

Thanks for this fantastic shoot and hope to see you soon!

"And then I realized adventures
are the best way to learn." 


Models : Lisanne Mellema & Christel Mellema
Photographer : Lisanne Jager Photography
In collaboration with : Dutch Blue VW Van


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