Published at July 22, 2018 at 12:20 PM


It was time for something different and Kaaya had the perfect idea! Together with make-up artist Siah, we worked out a melanin shoot.



 Kaaya had placed a call on Facebook in which she was
looking for a photographer who wanted to work out this concept with her.
Ofcourse I wanted to cooperate, because what a great idea this is!


A melanin shoot is a shoot in which you use flowers on the model.
At first we wanted to use dried flowers, but due to lack of time this did not work out.
So we made our own version of a melanin shoot and it has become super cool!


Kaaya and Siah, thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring collaboration.
This shoot has given me so much inspiration to try out new things and I am so happy and proud about it!
It was wonderful to work with you and quickly into a new collaboration.


Model : Kaaya
MUA : Siah
Photographer : LJ Photography


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