Published at August 14, 2018 at 12:00 PM


I met Esther on Instagram. Esther is an inspiring young woman and she is just a natural beauty. I asked her if she wanted to shoot with me and she said yes!

Sometimes people come to me for a shoot and sometimes it is the other way around. That last part happend with
Esther. I saw her page on Instagram and I was like:
WOW, this girl is so beautiful! I had to do a shoot with her.
In my mind I had a lot ideas and I shared them with Esther.
We agreed to do the shoot in Leeuwarden, where she lives.


I brought Siah with me to do the make-up of Esther. This worked out sooo amazingly good.
I am so proud of these picutres, because they are all made in Leeuwarden,
but all the photographs are so authentic, because of the way Esther looks.
It all falls in one place and everytime I took a picture; she inspired me more and more!


Esther, thankyou for being you and such an amazing human being to capture.
And ofcourse Siah, thankyou for the outstanding make-up.
It was a wonderful collab and I can't wait to collaborate with you two again! 

Model: Esther 
Makeup: Siah
Photography and concept: LJ Photography


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